Opening Spiel:

My life in one word: busy.  I over-commit myself like no one’s business, and it kills me.  This is my attempt to take some time out of each day to document my existence.  Self-centered?  Maybe.  Relevant to society as a whole?  Probably Definitely not.  A good 20 minutes of novelty for my future children?  Now we’re talking.

"Tell me about yourself."  Seems innocuous enough, but this four-word phrase is enough for any interviewee to shake in their boots.  When asked this by a Bowdoin representative, I hesitated before comparing myself to Hermione Granger.  Like many a white girl of above-average intelligence, I have long-aspired to her status - I just have the frizzed-out hair and overinvolved demeanor to match.  Instead of house-elves, I care for preteen girls, spending summers as a camp counselor.

I love camp.  I love nature.  I love being a role model.  I’m an only child and, despite my coming up with a blog dedicated to my life and my admittedly limited scope, I actively try to defy the stereotype of conceited singleton.  I aim to be a mentor and a friend, someone dependable and trustworthy and genuine.

These things carry throughout my life, and I hope that, over time, they will come out in this blog.  I’m going to try to write a little thing about myself or my life every day as a warmup for college application essays.  I’m going to allow myself to fall short of perfection.  This blog does not need followers or high-quality, entertaining posts.  This blog is by me and for me.